Water Sports: How to Take Care of Your Skin and Your Hair?

Swimming, water aerobics, aqua-bike … If water sports bring toning and curves of dreams, they can have adverse effects on our skin and our hair. A quick overview of the products to favor for perfect skin and hair.

Practicing a water sport has a lot of good sides, but what about small beauty discomforts? Dehydrated skin, tight, brittle and dry hair: the water associated with chlorine can cause a lot of small damage. Fortunately, there are products that will allow you to dive three to four times a week in the pool without fear of finding you with ultra dry skin and hair as dry as straw. It shows you the right things and the right beauty products to adopt.

After the pool, my skin is dehydrated

Disinfectant products added to swimming pools can have a very harmful effect on the epidermis. To find a baby’s skin, you must of course moisturize thoroughly and above all, avoid attacking your skin. So avoid peeling and cold mask, too hard for the epidermis already sensitized. We tend towards an ultra moisturizing cream the morning after the shower. After the pool, we wash our face with a neutral PH soap. The skin is well dried, we do not hesitate to iron a good layer of moisturizer. At bedtime, put on a cream or cocooning mask with a velvety appearance. Once a week, do not forget to treat yourself to a nourishing and moisturizing mask. The very fragile skin will opt for moisturizing products but not nourishing, too fat for the epidermis.

After the pool, my hair is as dry as a doormat

Okay, maybe it’s a bit pushy. But those who practice a water sport know that paying attention to their hair is more difficult than it seems. First, because even with a cap, the water finds a way to infiltrate, then because even avoiding the fathom flow, it is almost impossible not to wet its lengths. Chlorine, enemy of our skin is not deprived either to attack our hair. So what to do to keep hair as shiny as a model in a shampoo advertisement (and who is nargue where we go from bus shelter to the subway)?

As for our face, we hydrate and nourish thoroughly, from roots to tips. A shampoo with shea or jojoba oil should quickly become our best ally. We do not hesitate to put a mask two to three times a week on our tips and let it rest several minutes, see an hour for hair really damaged. For shiny hair, it is even possible to crack for a spray to deposit on the tips after drying.

And under the cap?

Put on a bathing cap is already an adventure. To avoid tearing skin and hair and enjoy to keep a dreamy hair even in the big pool, we pass delicately oil on our roots and tips. The cap is immediately easier to put on and the hair stays hydrated. A simple but ultra beneficial gesture. The colored hair will mop on a protective mask of color.

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