Distributors of Personal Care Items in Europe

For each country, similar rankings are provided, which include the main European distributors of healthcare products. This database includes the main European distributors as well as those belonging to the main non-European countries.

Their number is now over 600 and it keeps increasing because new profiles of distributors are added every day to the database. For each distributor, a detailed profile is available. It is possible to access other areas via the homepage. You can only access it if you have subscribed to a subscription but some information is free. See Portugal and select a sector.

Our database of distributors contains all the essential information on national and international distribution chains, including the turnover and the number of hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard discount stores, department stores, specialized stores etc. Not only European countries such as Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain but also the United States and China in many sectors, and many other countries as well.

For each country, the ranking takes the latest figures available on turnover. The information is regularly updated. The European figures are all denominated in euros and for countries outside Europe, the US dollar is used. If you want to see free examples of products and profiles in several sectors, simply search over the internet, then select any country as one of the sector. For each country and sector, the number of distributor profiles in the database appears in the top line. For detailed profiles, you may find some discrepancies in between two companies from Europe. There are many banned ingredients in Europe. Some personal care products are not legal that are sold by the distributors. Distributors are in constant worry about this so they do their due diligence when trusting outside vendors.

To conclude, the distributors are the start of the distribution process when putting them out in the public. They are all similar but they all have the responsibility to know what they are putting out into the public for consumption.

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